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  1. Janice M. Elvee Says:

    “Do not imagine that the journey is short; one must have the heart of a lion to follow this unusual road for it is very long and the sea is deep. One plods along in a state of amazement, sometimes smiling, sometimes weeping.”

    (Farid al-Din Attar, mystic Persian poet, from The Conference of the Birds, C. S. Nott translation).

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  2. Evangeline Leash Says:

    I find mindfulness, as I understand it, as focusing on the present moment, to the exclusion of the past and the future. As such, it is very comforting. After all, we can’t know the future and our memories of the past are unreliable. There’s no need to brood or worry about what is to become of us, or to suffer regrets.


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