family photos rescued from 50-year-old slides

U.P. winter (and Dolly)


My Irish grandparents, unhappy unless they were in a car on their way out of town

Auntie Doris and Uncle Sonny, our lifeline after Dad got sick

goofy Dad

goofy Mom (the way to be goofy in this family is to take your teeth out)

Mom working, Dad kibitzing

sister Barb and Dolly

Mary at uncle’s deer park in Superior


Mary’s first bookcase

Mary and the ubiquitous Dolly

the three sisters and cat du jour

Mom and Dad with fake dog (presumably)

Leaning Dad, leaning tree (Mom’s symbolism, not mine)



5 Responses to “family photos rescued from 50-year-old slides”

  1. P Says:

    Wow, some of these are cool — I hadn’t seen about half of them.


  2. V Says:

    Love the pink winter wonderland! Love the captions by ever-droll Mary (“unhappy unless in car on way out of town” “fake dog [presumably]”). Mary in rust dress (to match the autumn leaves?), Mary with nose in book, portent of things to come. Pixie-like K; where is close-up of Barb?


  3. Sharon-your cousin Says:

    Wow! Aunt Doris.
    I like how age altered the colors in the snapshots.
    Accidental art.

    I have family photos to share with you.
    Would scan them.
    You are invited to share in these family treasures.


  4. argette Says:

    I, too, like the way time alters colors. As though it is trying to tell us something.


  5. Sharon Says:

    I love old pictures like these. Especially like the one of you and Dolly and that great sectional sofa!


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